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Plumpton Pantomime Society is a registered member of


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Who are these people, anyway?

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1975 was a momentous year in the village of Plumpton's history. It was the year that a small group of people, who really should have known better, got together under the wing of the PTFA of the primary school to put on a pantomime. The show was initially put together as a fund raising event for the new swimming pool but their rendition of Puss in Boots passed into folklore and a legend was born.

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In 1982 the society broke away from the PTFA and has operated independently ever since. However the society has never forgotten its roots and every year the profits from the production are donated to a number of different village organisations, including the scout group, the British Legion old folks party, St Peter & St James hospice and of course the school. In fact since our inception we have given well over £35,000 back to the village!

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The Pantomime really is a village institution as the majority of our members live or grew up in Plumpton. So if you have never been to see a local panto you should come along, there is no better way to brighten up a winter’s evening with plenty of family friendly fun.

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Our endeavour is to take our audiences far away from the four walls of the village hall and provide an entertaining evening of song and laughter by taking you on a journey through the magical world of pantomime. 

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